Monday, September 29, 2008


This is my new (est) nickname! I think maybe I have finally lost it! I just wish I could remember what it is that I lost!!!!!!! Life with the Davis Co. is always a little crazy!

One of my "CRAZY" moments was when my son-in-law landed a helicopter in my backyard and took me and Chloe up for a ride!

(Those of you who know my fear of heights should be completely impressed with my bravery!)

This is a picture of my house from way up in the air!!!

Another "CRAZY" thing that happened was I became a GRANDMA for the 2nd time!!!

Korbin Ellis Crenshaw was born May 21 2008!

Isn't he the cutest?

Chloe and Korbin!

Grandkids are the best!!!!!

As for Greg, he is a bit "CRAZY" too!
He and Brian (our son in law), went on the High Adventure with the Scouts.
They climbed Mnt. Adams
From what I hear, you have to be "crazy" to enjoy that!!!!!
Cold, wet, uphill, stinky boys, gross food, need I say more? CRAZY!!!!

Cold yet? Are we there yet?

Almost there?

Feeling a little happy?